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Letter: AEP Ohio responds to smart meter concerns

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Letter: AEP Ohio responds to smart meter concerns

Jan 30,2019
AEP Ohio is upgrading electric meters in the Lima area to new “smart meters.” These meters provide valuable information to customers, help us take more accurate meter readings and send information to our crews that speed response time and repairs.
We would like to respond to previously published “Letter to the Editor” submissions that do not accurately describe the safety and effectiveness of smart meters.
Smart meters report the same energy usage information to AEP Ohio that has been used to calculate bills for decades and eliminate the need for estimated billing. The meters also help our customers save money on their monthly bill by providing near real-time energy usage information to manage energy choices. Customers are in complete control of this information through the It’s Your Power app and through their AEP Ohio online account.
An in-depth review of scientific literature by the World Health Organization determined that the level of radio frequency (RF) energy produced by smart meters is not harmful to humans. RF emitted by smart meters is below the limits set by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and below levels produced by other common household devices including cell phones, baby monitors, satellite TVs and microwaves.
Smart meters are safe and proven technology. Each new meter must meet the rigorous safety requirements and standards spelled out in the National Electric Safety Code. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio requires independent certification proving that smart meters being installed are safe and show resistance to heat, fire and voltage surges.

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