Product solution

The limited edition provides a good solution for the problem of power generation in remote areas,
and solves the problem of too high cost of traditional facilities construction.

CEO and founder

Zhao Wei

Founder of the company, Mr. Zhao Wei, graduated from Zhejiang University in 1984 with a major in electrical engineering. He has been engaged in the design and production of hydro-generators for ten years. He was responsible for the cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji Electric and Alstom of France.

In 1994, he entered a large state-owned foreign trade company and began to work in foreign trade. He participated in the export project of Indonesia's 500-kV transmission line project and 530,000 single-phase electric meters.

In 2002, he started his own business and established his own foreign trade company. It has helped Bangladesh customers and Venezuelan customers to establish three home appliance assembly plants and provide customers with a large number of meter components. At the same time, it also exports a large number of power-related products such as fuses, arresters, circuit breakers, and transformers.

According to the needs of the market, in 2010, the company developed a special controller for solar energy systems - limited edition, which achieved good market response.

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Limited list Development

With the development of the economy, more and more governments have begun to care about the basic living problems of the people, such as solving the problem of water use and electricity for people in remote areas.

However, for islands far from the mainland and sparsely populated old forests, the construction cost of traditional power grids is too high. With the development of solar power technology, the cost of solar power is declining, providing solutions for power generation in remote areas.

Limited by the energy storage capacity of solar panels and batteries, the power supplied by solar power systems is limited. In this case, ensuring the basic electricity consumption of each household and limiting the excessive use of electricity by each household has become a problem that must be solved.

The special controller developed by our company - the Limiting Energy Meter, solves this problem perfectly.

Regardless of the amount of power remaining in the previous day, at the preset time node, the limit meter assigns a fixed amount of power to each user. Once the allocated power is used up, the limit meter will immediately cut off the power, and the user has the remaining time of the day. No more power can be used inside. Users can reasonably arrange their electricity consumption by the remaining power displayed on the limit meter.

Since the storage capacity of the battery is fixed, the remaining power that the user has not used can only be automatically invalidated and cannot be accumulated until the next day.

Since the first generation of products in 2010, it has now grown to the fifth generation. Nearly 80,000 sets of products have been successfully installed on the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and Suriname, as well as the mountains of Malaysia and Nepal.

At present, the project to provide clean drinking water for remote areas has also started. The special product developed by our company, the limited water meter, has been tested on site.

Limited meter (independent research and development)

1 - 1101 : Basic Type

LED Display
Daily Limit setup
Max Power setup
Overload Alarm

3 – 1202 : LCD Type

LCD Display|Daily Limit setup
Max Power setup
Overload Alarm
Remaining Electricity Alarm

5 – 1501 : Centralized Management Type

Set/Manage via M-DCU & S-DCU
( RS485 On-line )
Pre-paid Type|LED Display

7 – 1503 : Pre-paid DC Type

DC Voltage
Pre-paid Type
LED Display

2 - 1201 : Hot Sale Type ( Improved Type )

LED Display |Daily Limit setupMax Power setup|Overload AlarmRemaining Electricity Alarm

4 – 1401 : Pre-paid Type

Set/Manage via Contactless IC Card
Pre-paid Type
LED Display

6 – 1502 : DC Type

DC Voltage
LED Display

8 – 1701 : Breaker United Type

Breaker United With Meter
LED Display

Meanwhile , we provide the limit water meter with good stablity and high quality……

Limit Water Meter

Limit water meter controls the water quantity in certain time.
Easy to be managed,reliable performance
Low power consumption ,long service life
Green Material:PPO or brass


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