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Automatic Winding Machine Used in The Process Skills

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Automatic Winding Machine Used in The Process Skills

Jul 26,2018

During operation, automatic winding machine, be sure to know how to set a good starting position around, wire size, wire winding width three important parameters.

Specific methods are as follows:

First, since the winding position setting

What is the play about the position? Simply means that the starting point for the beginning of the winding skeleton, with the head and the position of the coil type coils are closely linked, usually by the plant control system comes with specific values?to measure the correlation measurements from around the location; the operator can also be used manually measured at a fixed point as a reference point when using the ruler tool to measure the actual setting of the injection point Italian coil winding direction.

Second, the specifications set enameled

We often have a different diameter enameled wire, enameled specifications set correctly will directly affect the effectiveness cable, the use of different materials need to add a different diameter enameled correction value copper easily attenuated, the correction value plus 0.02, aluminum can easily be stretched in tension after winding equipment and over the line device, the correction is allowed between the value of a significant reduction 0.02-0.2.

Third, the winding width settings

Winding Width understanding is from the start position to the winding position of the distance between the winding end, this value directly reflects the backbone generally require a length of the winding, the skeleton needs to be considered when setting used the small amount of deformation will affect the winding width, the method should be used as an integrated measure of taking the minimum wire width.


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