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Automatic winding machine to help factory reduce labor costs

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Automatic winding machine to help factory reduce labor costs

Aug 1,2018

Semi-automatic winding machine working principle is the skeleton of a winding, fixed at a chuck driven by a motor. After energizing the motor drive chuck at a constant speed of rotation, the magnet wire is wound onto a bobbin. Meanwhile, at the output of the motor is mounted on the motor of a counting means for counting the number of revolutions of rotation, which is the backbone of conventional solenoid coil turns counted. Then through some turns the instrument will be displayed,provided to the operator by the operator to control the motor open power. In addition the operator but also for manual cable, cable is the so-called magnet wires uniformly arranged in a fixed number of turns of the laws fixed in a fixed position of the skeleton. Hand cable is mainly driven by the motor during rotation of skeleton hand magnet wire fixed position, and constantly changing positions accurately wound magnet wire in place. Semi-automatic winding machine operator must observe the cable and magnet wire turns attention simultaneously. In order to adopt an appropriate cable method at the appropriate time, to meet the requirements in turns when the rotation of the motor is stopped.

Semi-automatic winding machine has been some progress than pure manual production. It turns statistics also done automatically by the machine can achieve a certain precision, can guarantee the production of each winding turns of error within a certain range, to ensure the quality of the product. In addition, the semi-automatic winding machine operator need only cable, wire work done by the motor. Reduce the labor intensity of labor, increase the degree of automation. As a result of the motor winding implement features that make the winding speed is greatly improved, improved production efficiency saving production costs,can achieve the scale of production.

However, semi-automatic winding machine there are obvious shortcomings. Since the cable is still done manually, production efficiency is limited. When speed is further enhanced when people can not keep up with the speed of response speed of the motor, and further enhance the speed limit. Moreover, each person can only produce a winding, when the need to further expand the scale of production capacity is limited. Artificial cable operator to one side due attention to the counter table, while carried out cable,cable is inevitable when a variety of errors, affecting the production quality and production efficiency.Semi-automatic winding machine operator still need to control the winding process, the quality of products and different operators experience and technology are closely related, it is difficult to ensure uniform quality.

Therefore, increase in labor costs growing today, suggest that you buy automatic winding machine or an automatic winding machine saves manpower, financial strength we recommend automatic winding machine winding equipment, price and quality, cost-effective operation convenient, widely used.


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