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Purchase of automatic wire winding machine

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Purchase of automatic wire winding machine

Aug 17,2018

Transformer winding is to in accordance with the requirements of the transformer to the selected full automatic wire winding machine, and the winding machine has a variety of categories, some around 0.015 ~ 0.5 mm line size, some around 0.03-0.6mm wire diameterof the. So how to choose the transformer winding automatic wire winding machine to the category?

Understanding of the CNC winding machine manufacturers to understand it!

First, we have to consider in addition to the business, we all hope that their products will not be copied by other manufacturers, we generally do not consider private mode or loopholes of transformer core and skeleton, because production, supply channel and the cycle will be restricted by a lot of, and generic core, no matter the price or delivery channels and cycle in have very optional.

Secondly, we choose the transformer, but also to take into account in order to comply with the safety standards, EMC performance. First, to consider thetransformer skeleton of the winding width, the transformer in order to comply with the requirements of the power of the cable, the winding edge of the 3mm retaining wall, then this reduces the transformer skeleton can be used in the width of the line, and if you do not add retaining wall, and the outer diameter of  the three insulated wire is generally larger than the internal diameter of 0.2mm, then, the same window area, the number of winding turns is reduced.

Finally, we also consider the transformer skeleton groove depth, sometimes in order to EMC and need in the transformer internal adding a shielding layer, some with thin wire, some wound by copper foil, the windings will undoubtedly increase the winding layer, that is to say, it can be used for winding of transformer winding groove depth is reduced.


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