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Four key points of attention in the process of winding machine

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Four key points of attention in the process of winding machine

Aug 8,2018

Each machine in the use of the process have some of the specifications required to comply with the machine as a linear object to the specific parts of the mechanical equipment, the same is true,this is to allow the winding machine to extend the service life, to avoid abnormal conditions mustbe observed.

The following is the operation of the winding machine four great attention to key points:

1, the operator must pay attention to safety, the machine starts, the hand can not be close to the rotating part, the need to adjust, must first stop, after adjustment, the adjustment must be confirmed that the hand has left the dangerous area before they can restart.
2, the operator can not wear gloves,sleeve can not be too long, the female operatives hair long to tie up or bind up put in the safety helmet.
3, the line around to check the bottom line and line is connected to the corresponding terminals; bottom line and surface line and the terminal is left loose enough bits; surface line is close to the frame line outlet; coils have tapered; surface there are no bumps or indentation,after confirmation of qualified, coilis placed in the turn over box, placed attention to power supply terminals must not met surface coil. Fill abox, and then make the logo on the box to prevent confusion.
4, when the coil conical or machine appear abnormal sound, the operator must immediately stop and look for equipment maintenance personnel in maintenance, not presume to advocate, so as to avoid damageto the waste of material and machine.
If we use the process of winding machines, we are able to comply with the above process, the basic will not appear abnormal situation, affect the work, but also to extend the service life of the winding machine,improve working efficiency.


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